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History Section

Ah, a newcomer! Don’t despair. Now I will tell you all you need to know about the history of this world and the glorious afterlife in Pelantas.

It all started ages ago…

In the era of the Great War four intelligent races dominated this world: the civilized humans in major societies, the free-spirited elves in woodland conclaves, the firm and majestic dwarves from the mountain areas and the wild and fierce orcs from the untamed wastelands. All four races lived and prospered peacefully for a long time minding their own business, but each race had their own power-seeking war-mongering god each striving for world dominance for their respective race. Marcocik, the god of the humans, Kvasir, the god of the dwarves, Tinúviel, the god of the elves and Turuukor, the god of the orcs. The four gods ruled the world from Pelantas alongside each other, but every one of them wanted to be the supreme ruler. Eventually these desires led to a great war. Many battles were fought and many died due to the gods’ ambitions. The gods rewarded the best warriors by granting them eternal afterlife in Pelantas. The ultimate reward! No wonder the humans, elves, dwarves and orcs were willing to fight for their lives. But then again, they really had no choice. No one was free to disagree – without facing their mortality. The wrath of the gods incurred swiftly to the men not fighting valiantly.

It was a dark time… The soil was littered with dead bodies and the earth was drenched in blood. The heroes in Pelantas could only watch as their friends and foes died by the commands of the four gods. Years went by with war, sorrow and despair. The population was reduced drastically. Women and children were almost the only ones that remained alive. And still, nothing had been settled. The gods were not concerned with their mortal kinsmen getting extinguished.

The world had almost come to an end before the gods realised their fatal mistake. Then came the day of the great council - the day of resolution. The four gods finally gathered for truce negotiations. They had to agree on a peaceful settlement if they wanted their respective races to survive. The treaty was signed and sealed and the peace codex was agreed on, and so began the dawning of a new age. From that day all unorganised violence was banned and disaccordance with this ban was punished by death. No one spilling other men's blood without the gods' approval would ever be worthy of an afterlife in Pelantas.

The four gods still maintained their bloodlust though, and they agreed to satisfy their need for battle and blood in a more organised manner. Thus, the great tournament was created, and in every homestead, small or large, a battle arena was built. The gods bestowed a chosen cleric in every homestead with resurrection skills. After a battle all killed heroes would be resurrected. In this way, the greatest heroes could still go to Pelantas.

In the initial phase the four races fought against each other, but old hatred was too present, and the battles became too vicious and too mean. The rules were changed so that every lord had the possibility to recruit all heroes despite race. The battles now became much more glorious and honourable. Moreover relations between the four races got much better. Today you don’t find any sort of racial controversy in the world. Every hero – be it human, elf, dwarf or orc – fights on equal premises. They all fight with the same purpose: To join the gods and legendary heroes in Pelantas.

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