Rules of conduct

By signing up for Path to Pelantas you agree to comply with the following rules and will abide by them at all times:

Our rules are really simple – be fair! We would like all our players to behave in a proper manner. The reason for making these rules of conduct is simply to make Path to Pelantas a joyful game for all participants. In a multiplayer game like Path to Pelantas the way of playing the game can be very distinct from player to player. Our general rule is that all players should play the game in a fair way so that all players will have a great experience playing the game. This overall fair play rule applies in every aspect of the game.
Players have no legal claim to a game account. Glorious Games cannot be held responsible for any server crashes or other server downtime.
Players must always heed the instructions given by the staff members i.e. developers, game masters or forum moderators. Staff members always have the final word and their decisions are not to be discussed anywhere.
You are not allowed to steal or sabotage Glorious Games property in any way.
You are not allowed to use applications for automating parts of the game. This means scanning the site or using scripts, bots and similar tools or programs that may help you in any way. Frankly put, loading the game using only web browsers is an easy way of staying out of trouble.
Manually changing the URL field is prohibited.
All bugs must be reported to the game staff immediately. You may do this here. Intentional use of a bug to personal advantage is strictly prohibited.
Multi-accounts are strictly prohibited. You are only allowed to have one Path to Pelantas account. Account sharing is forbidden as well – You may not log in for others or share your password with anyone. Sitting is not allowed in Path to Pelantas. You and only you may log in to your account. You are not allowed to sell your game account either.
Transferring game assets from one account to another is not allowed. You are not allowed to help any other players by buying equipment or heroes from them on enquiry. Moreover you are not allowed to lose battles on purpose to make your opponent gain glorypoints. The flexible rule of fair play applies here. All actions in the game must be considered fair and within the spirit of the game. If the staff members find certain actions inappropriate the account in question will be deleted.
Do not use any inappropriate language in the game. Sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive language in names, mails, lord’s statements, league shoutboxes etc. is not allowed. Moreover inappropriate coat of arms pictures are prohibited.
Spamming other players’ guestbook or mailbox is not allowed. Deliberately harassing other players is strictly forbidden.
You are not allowed to give false personal information.
Impersonating staff members is strictly prohibited.
And once again to emphasise the importance: Always act according to the spirit of the game Path to Pelantas.

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